​​Some foreign governments require persons over the age of sixteen to provide a full set of fingerprints with their application to renew a passport. The fingerprints are required for the purpose of establishing identification and are not for visa or Australian criminal record checks.

A person may attend at a Police Station, with the foreign agency fingerprint forms, the relevant letter of authority or request from the foreign agency, photographic identification, (drivers licence or passport, etc), and request that a police officer take their fingerprints onto the foreign agency fingerprint forms, on payment of the current fee.
Once an officer of the Queensland Police Service has sighted a letter of authority from the foreign government and is satisfied of the applicant's identity, the person is fingerprinted on the foreign agency forms supplied by the applicant. The form is completed by the police officer taking the fingerprints, officially stamped and returned to the applicant.
For enquiries, contact your local police station for further information.